Goodbye, Battlefield: in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can add a mode for 100 players

Infinity Ward, the developers of the updated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, told new details about the multiplayer.

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So far, the biggest card in the CoD seriesacquired Black Ops 4 thanks to the regime of "royal battle". Infinity Ward is not going to stop, but will offer players extensive locations without introducing a popular mode. At the event, the developers showed the "Dominance" mode where 40 players participated (20 to 20), but this is only the beginning.

"We played with a lot of players, but notToday. These buns are still cooked in the oven ... The combat cards will get bigger and the number of players will also increase. We are constantly playing for 64 [people] and even more than a hundred, trying to find a middle ground, ”said Jeff Smith, director of multiplayer design.

The designer also noted that this would not be a “royal battle”, but only one of the classic Call of Duty multiplayer modes.

Gameplay mode 20 to 20: