Google and Apple accused of intimidating small rival companies

Small tech companies told US congressional hearings that IT giants intimidated them,

using its dominant position in the market. In particular, entrepreneurs have blamed Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

Complaints from Sonos, Tile,Basecamp and PopSockets. The first is engaged in the production of wireless speakers. Its head said that when Google or Apple asks for something, small players have no choice but to obey. Sonos, by the way, has already filed a lawsuit against Google because of a violation by the "good corporation" of five patents. And once the IT giant pressed on the company to allow it to synchronize its columns with Google Assistant.

Representatives of Tile, a manufacturer of devices forsearching for things, they said that they faced stiff opposition from Apple. The fact is that Tile devices compete with the Find My iPhone feature on the iPhone.

Representatives of small companies ask Congress to adopt more stringent regulations for large technology corporations.