Google announces Android evolution: no more sweets

Since 2009, Google has named new versions of the Android operating system after sweets, keeping in mind

alphabetical order for the first letters of the names: Cupcake, Jelly Bean, Marshmallow, Oreo, Pie, etc. However, this year everything will change.

No longer Android Q

Now Android will receive only numbers in the name, without any words or phrases. That is, you no longer have to guess what is hidden under the letter Q in the new version - now it’s just Android 10.

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Although Google did have a few options: Queens Cake and Quindim.


The fact is that the names of desserts are not clear to all users.

“In some languages ​​L and R are not different, soSome users, when talking about Android Lollipop, did not understand that we were talking about versions after KitKat. This is even more difficult for new Android users who are not familiar with our classification to understand. We also understand that in some countries Pie is not considered a dessert, and Marshmallow, despite its taste, is not very popular in many regions,” explained Vice President of Android Product Management Samir Samat.

What else

The company also rebranded Android.Of course, the famous green robot has not gone away (although only part of its head is now visible), but the font has changed a little, and the Android inscription is now black, not green, so it is easier to see for people with visual impairments.