Google Assistant lets you send reminders to friends

Google will add a new feature to its assistant that will allow you to send reminders to other people.

What for
it is necessary

This feature is for families, friends orroommates. With it, you can record a reminder, change the sending time, set up a repeat of reminders and check the history. It works the same as the other functions of the assistant, suffice it to say, for example, “Ok, Google, remind Greg to take out the trash at 8pm” or “Ok, Google, what are my reminders for Greg?”.

The company expects users to besend encouraging notes, jokes, any spontaneous or scheduled message. For example, to wish someone good luck at work at a certain time. Also, Google will allow you to block people. Representatives of the company say this is necessary so that children can not spam their parents.

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What conditions

To send or receive messages from anothera person, he must be a member of your Google family group or link your account to the same Smart Display or dynamics. The recipient must be in Google contacts with the sender. Parents who want to give their children access to the Google Home Helper need to create an account using the Family Link app and then link it to Google Home.


The function will take effect next month,so far only in some English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Britain and Australia. Like all other updates, most likely, in the future it will appear in our latitudes.