Google Assistant will no longer disturb users at night.

Google Assistant won't talk after a user asks to turn off the lights via Google Home or

Nest Hub device.

Why do you need it

Previously, when asked to turn off the lights in a smart home, the voice assistant loudly responded, “Okay, I’m turning off 2 lights.” This irritated users very much, as the desire to go to bed instantly disappeared.

Google heard its customers, so afterupdate, the device will notify you when the lights are turned off with a silent notification. This will only work if the gadget and light sources are in the same room.

The company says the changes will not affectonly connected light sources. For example, a smart plug designated as “table lamp” will respond, but simply “table lamp” will not be affected. This also applies to all lighting commands, such as asking you to dim or brighten a luminaire. Google has already started rolling out this feature and it will soon be available to all users.