Google ceased collaboration with Huawei. Perhaps her smartphones will stop updating

UPD: Google has announced that the Google Play app store will continue to work on devices already released. It means,

that applications and the Android operating system will continue to be updated, and the restrictions will affect only not yet released Huawei smartphones.

The ban allows the Chinese company to use only open source Android open-source Android products. This means that Huawei loses access to operating system updates.

In the event that Android on the device does not update for a long time, some applications on it stop working. In addition, users will lose access to the Chrome browser, Play Market and YouTube.

Hardest, the ban will hit usersglobal version of Android, and almost will not affect the Chinese market, where a modified version of the operating system. Google has already offered Huawei to consider cooperation on new conditions.

The Chinese company said that "the changes will not affect the already released Huawei devices, in which the Play Store and Google services will continue to operate."