Google created a VR tour of Versailles using photogrammetry

Palace of Versailles in France is one of the most popular tourist attractions in

the world. Many wish to visit it. For those who for some reason do not have the opportunity to do this, or those who simply want to recall part of their journey in memory, Google has created a VR tour.

What's interestnig

This is the largest photogrammetric project,ever made in a castle. A total of 21 rooms and 36,000 square meters of internal surfaces are covered. For such a large-scale project, Google collected more than 4 TB of data and textured 15 billion pixels. Users of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can view more than 100 sculptures, paintings and other works of art - close-up and with excellent detail.

You can visit the tour using the application inSteam or company website. In addition, especially for those who do not have a VR headset, Google has created an online exhibition, which presents more than 390 different paintings, artifacts and other antiques.