Google creates drug development company

Alphabet, Google's parent company, has set up a new drug discovery and development subsidiary. Isomorphic Labs

will use research from DeepMind, a London-based artificial intelligence lab also owned and operated by Alphabet.

At the moment, the details related toIsomorphic Labs are pretty sparse. However, this is not Alphabet's first foray into the medical field. The company's divisions are already researching various aspects of human health. Among them the company Verily, which works on projects ranging from surgical robots to contact lenses that monitor glucose levels in diabetics. Another project, Calico, sets an ambitious goal for itself - to overcome aging.

Isomorphic Labs will focus exclusively ondrug discovery and new technologies that can aid drug development. The newly formed company said its goal is to “rethink” the process of developing new drugs with an artificial intelligence-driven approach.

A recent study found that it costs an average of $ 1.3 billion to create a new pharmaceutical product. Most of this amount is related to the development process itself.

Source: engadget

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