Google deliberately complicated the interface for tracking geolocation

Business Insider reports that Google deliberately complicated the Android interface for collecting geolocation data


This is stated in the unedited courtdocuments that came into the possession of the publication. From them it became known that the company ordered to make the search for privacy settings difficult, and also put pressure on manufacturers to keep the settings hidden in the depths of the interface, as they became popular among users.

Google turned to third-party companies, LG in particular, and tried to convince them to hide the settings.

At the same time, Google employees themselves in businesscorrespondence was informed that they would like to refuse unnecessary data transfer. Engineer One Google engineer in 2019 noted that describing the settings can confuse even a privacy expert.

In a conversation with The Verge, Google spokesman Jose Castaneda accused “the competitors behind the lawsuit” of compromising the company.

Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovichfiled a lawsuit against Google in May last year, where he claimed that the company was illegally tracking users' locations and keeps these tools running in the background even if the user turns them off in the corresponding settings.

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