Google forces Epic Games to launch Fortnite for Android on Google Play

Mobile Fortnite got to Android back in August 2018, but was distributed bypassing Google Play, through the official

Epic Games website. So the company wanted to elude 30% of Google’s commission, but the Internet corporation found leverage.

What is known

According to Polygon, Fortnite officially appeared on Google Play. Now, gamers will not have to download a separate launcher, and they will directly download the game from an official source.

In 2018, Epic Games refused to publishFortnite on Google Play, as it considered a commission of 30% dishonest, because the platform takes 50% of the market. Google did not agree with this, and began to interfere with the Epic.

The company began tagging games from "unreliablesources, like malware, including Fortnite, warning users about the dangers of such programs for the device. Epic Games realized that such notifications scare users away, and decided to release Fortnite on Google Play to save the audience.

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Full Epic Application for Polygon:

After 18 months of Fortnite’s existence on Android outside the Google Play store, we have come to the main conclusion:

Google puts downloadable softwareout of Google Play at a disadvantage through technical and business measures. These include constantly pop-up warning windows that scare users and call such applications potentially malicious, and restrictions on transactions with manufacturers and suppliers. The company also uses Google Play Protect to directly block software that extends beyond Google Play.

For this reason, we launched Fortnite for Android on the Google Play store. We will continue to work on Epic Games and Fortnite and beyond Google Play.

We hope that Google will review itsa business policy in the near future, so that all developers can freely use open services on Android and the Play Store, including payment, which will make the competition fair.

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