Google Go App Available Worldwide

Go go– a small (only 7 megabytes) application for searching information, designed for low-power

devices.The application supports voice input, reading web pages out loud, and is also capable of remembering and restoring search results in the event of network failures. The software will work on Android version 5.0 (Lolipop) and higher.

Google says Go isn't just for...for low-power gadgets, but also for emerging markets. Previously, the company added support for Google Lens to the application. This made it possible to read real-world text out loud directly from the phone's speaker.

Google Go is inherently part of the lineGo applications developed for emerging markets. It so far includes Gmail Go (lightweight and simplified email utility) and Gallery Go (photo manager). Google also runs on Android Go, which is a lightweight version of the OS, devoid of some features, but perfectly suitable for low-performance gadgets.

Source:The verge