Google has begun the process of bankruptcy of an office in Russia: what will change?

In May, the Russian subsidiary of Google announced the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings. It's connected with

multi-million dollar finesRoskomnadzor on a number of violations (mainly related to content prohibited in Russia) and the subsequent freezing of accounts as a measure to secure claims from Russian media that were blocked on YouTube, which, according to Google, prevents the office from continuing to work (including the maintenance of employees, payments counterparties, etc.). Now the application for bankruptcy has been filed with the competent authorities.

What will change for users in Russia? Nothing.Pixel smartphones are not represented on the Russian market, the work of the search engine, YouTube, Gmail, Android and other services does not depend on the office, although the provision of paid services can be complicated. How long the Google bankruptcy procedure in Russia will take is unknown, but its outcome is quite predictable. Moreover, most of the employees of the Russian office have already been transferred to other countries.

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    According to RBC