Google has stopped updating Chrome due to a serious bug on Android devices

Google recently released an update to its Chrome browser. However, now the distribution of version 79 had to

suspend due to an error detected.

What is the problem

After the update, many users began to complain about missing data in other applications. However, the bug was noticed only on Android devices.

The problem occurred with applications thatuse the WebView component. These are applications that do not have their own browser and that use Chrome to open websites. For example, these are “light” versions of popular applications (like Twitter Lite), which download content from web pages to save resources.

Dissatisfied users have already brought down the browser's rating on Google Play.

In the meantime, Google has suspended the Chrome 79 update. According to the company, only 50% of users managed to install the update.

In the near future, the developers promise to release the next update that will solve the problem.

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