Google introduced the Nest Mini smart wall-mount speaker

Google has updated its Home Mini column and showed an improved version - Nest Mini with a wall mount and a large

number of functions.

Louder and faster

Thanks to the hole in the housing and longerthe cable (1.5 meters) Nest Mini can now be hung on the wall, but this is not the most interesting. Compared to the previous model, the sound has become louder and more voluminous, and the bass is now twice as strong. A third microphone also appeared, so it is more likely that the column correctly recognizes the request the first time.

The processor is also faster, which will speed up the process.searching for information or completing a task. Like Pixel Buds, the device is able to automatically change the volume depending on the noise around. The volume level can be found using the LEDs located under the fabric. The gadget has become greener - its body is 35% made from recycled plastic.

The Nest Mini goes on sale October 22 in black, white, pink, and new blue for $ 49.