Google is preparing a 10-inch smart display Nest Hub Max with integrated camera

A new product appeared under the brand Nest - Nest Hub Max in the store of Google Story, which is now in the company's assortment.

not. Mention of him quickly removed, but it was too late.

What it is

It looks like this is a new universal device for a "smart" home, an improved smart display Google Home Hub (in the photo). Nest Hub Max will get a 10-inch screen with HD resolution and stereo speakers.

In addition, the smart display will have a built-inNest camera with motion and sound alerts. Recall that there is no camera in the Home Hub: they refused it so that users could feel comfortable without worrying about privacy.

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Most likely, with the help of Nest Hub Max, it will be possible to control other devices of the “smart” house from Nest: video surveillance cameras, thermostats, etc.

Unfortunately, there are no other details about Nest Hub Max. Unknown and its cost, but it will obviously cost more than Google Home Hub, which was estimated at $ 150.