Google is preparing a new Android OS for button phones

Rumors that Google is working on an operating system for feature phones have been circulating for a long time. In March this

years ago, in the Ghromium Gerrit repository, references were found to a special mode with “old-fashioned” controls, mechanical buttons, and now another confirmation has arrived.

New Chrome

As proof - a screenshot of the main pagepages of the Chrome browser, adapted to the features of feature phones, that is, without touch navigation. The functions remained the same, but the interface and icon layout had to be changed. The result is more reminiscent of Android Oreo.

</ img>

What for?

Looks like Google has decided to release a competitorKaiOS is an operating system that is used on push-button devices. And don’t rush to shout that this is the last century: according to the latest data, KaiOS is used on more than 40 million devices. Good results were achieved in India, where the platform has surpassed iOS in popularity and ranks second after Android.