Google is testing the Click to call feature, which will allow you to send phone numbers from the Chrome browser to your smartphone

Google Chrome developers have recently added a feature to the browser that allows you to send links to your smartphone.

Now they are preparing a similar opportunity for the rooms.

What is known

Click to call feature has already appeared on GoogleChrome Beta 78. It can be activated through the "flags". To do this, write the following code: chrome: // flags / # click-to-call-context-menu-selected-text. It definitely works with smartphones running Android Pie and Android 10. Most likely, owners of devices with an older system will also be able to use it.

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How it works

If the site has a number, the browser will show nearphone links icon. In addition, you can select any number yourself and send it via the context menu by clicking on the right mouse button. After that, the user will receive a notification with a phone number on his smartphone.