Google: ISPs help hackers install spyware

According to a study published by the Google Threat Intelligence Group (TAG), the spyware production campaign

The software uses ISPs to trick users into downloading malicious apps. Discuss

This confirms the results obtained earlierLookout Security Research Group. She claims that RCS Labs sells commercial spyware to various government agencies. Researchers from Lookout believe that Hermit has already been implemented by the government of Kazakhstan and the Italian authorities. In line with these findings, Google has identified victims in both countries and said it will notify affected users.

According to the Lookout report, Hermit receivesaccess to call records, location, photos and text messages on the victim's device. Hermit is also capable of recording audio, making and intercepting phone calls, and rooting an Android device, giving it full control over the underlying operating system.

Spyware can infect both Android,so does the iPhone. Google cybersecurity researchers found that some attackers worked with ISPs to disable the victim's internet. The attackers then posed as the victim's mobile operator via SMS and tricked users into believing that downloading the malicious app would restore internet connectivity.