Google launches Play Pass, a $ 4.99 per month game and app subscription service

Google has launched the Play Pass service, which will compete with Apple Arcade.

What it is

This is a service

with which users can registersubscription to games and applications. Essentially, these are the same applications from Google Play, only without advertising and in-app purchases. Google Play Pass only works on Android devices starting from 4.4.

At first, 350 games will be available to usersand applications. Among them are Star Wars: KOTOR, Mini Metro, Old Man’s Journey, Stardew Valley, Monument Valley, Limbo, Risk, AccuWeather, etc. Two thirds of all applications on the service are games.

All apps from Google Play Pass will beare still available individually on Google Play - free, but with advertising and payments. If a user who has subscribed to Play Pass already has one of the proposed applications, advertising will automatically disappear from it.

At the same time, Google does not finance the production of projects included in the line, but also does not require exclusivity for its platform.

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How many?

Google Play Pass costs the same as AppleArcade - $4.99 per month. A free trial version will be available for the first 10 days. There is also a discounted price: the first year of subscription will cost $1.99 per month. Like Apple Arcade, there is a family subscription.

Google Play Pass will launch in the US this week, after which the service will reach other countries. When, where and how much is still unknown.