Google Maps began to record the boundaries of fires

Wildfires continue to spread in parts of the United States, affecting residents the most

states of California and Colorado. So Google has launched a new tool to help people stay on top of whether they are threatened by wildfires. Now Google search queries will not only contain news and alerts - users will also be able to see the border of fires on a map. The app will send a notification to the user if he gets too close to the border of the fire.

The information is updated every hour. To ensure that people receive the most accurate information possible, Google uses the analytical tools of the Google Earth Engine and image monitoring provided by the four GOES satellites of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These satellites can see huge plumes of smoke and heat spots that indicate areas of fire.

Engadget notes that these toolsGoogle is not new, the search giant tried out the feature during last year's bushfire season with emergency services from California and Colorado. However, as the area of ​​the fires has increased this year, the tool may become even more useful.

The fires are so widespread that the authoritiesthe state of California decided to evacuate 100 thousand residents. Due to the thick smoke, visibility is almost zero, and the strong wind rapidly spreads the flame. Rescuers noticed more than 30 active fires.

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