Google Nest WiFi: a WiFi router you don’t want to hide

In addition to other new products, at the Made by Google presentation the company presented 2 WiFi devices: a router and

Nest WiFi repeater.

Improved Google Wifi

Compared to the previous version of Google WiFi,the new device is 2 times faster and has 25% better coverage. The router is designed for a room of about 350 square meters. Using additional repeaters, you can expand your coverage area.

Additionally, Nest WiFi acts as a smartspeakers and is compatible with Google Assistant, so voice commands are all you need to control your WiFi settings. You can also use this gadget to make phone calls and listen to music. That is, it has the same functions as the Nest Mini. The router itself is configured in the Google Home app, which also allows you to share a guest password, test network speed, or prioritize devices.


Of course, it is worth noting the beautiful design.There are 3 color options in total: white, pink and blue. Unlike other routers, which usually try to hide, this device looks quite stylish with its rounded edges and backlighting.

The company has tried to make new products more environmentally friendly. Just like the Nest Mini speaker, the router's body is made from 45% recycled plastic.

Nest WiFi goes on sale November 4th for $269.