Google offers paper smartphones and 5 more weird ways to get rid of gadget addiction

In 2012, scientists coined a new term: phubbing. You may not have heard him, but you know very well that

This is what it is - simply put, gadget addiction.And to help combat it, Google has released 6 experimental apps for Android devices. Of course, you still need a smartphone to use them, but Google expects that after this the user will immediately put the gadget aside and spend less time with it.

Paper phone

This is perhaps the most interesting experiment.He suggests simply printing out a paper smartphone for yourself. This will be a piece of paper with contacts, notes and events, in which you can even insert a bank card to pay for purchases. It sounds strange, and it looks too.

Unlock clock

This is a simpler method. The user is offered live wallpapers that display how many times the user has unlocked his smartphone.

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Post box

This application collects incoming notificationsand dispenses them “in doses”, several times a day. That is, you do not hear a constant sound of alerts, but receive them in a bunch at once - once, twice, three or four times a day.

We Flip

This is a game for a group of friends: when you get together, you activate the application and put your smartphones aside. When someone from the company unlocks their gadget, the game ends.

Desert island

This experiment can also be turned into a game:you select only the apps you need the most and then isolate the rest. A day later, the system offers to repeat the game, crossing off another application from the list.


Here the system adapts to the environmentsituation and issues only the necessary applications and alerts. For example, at work - a calendar and mail. This way you are not distracted by unnecessary processes.