Google opposes Android ban for Huawei

The saga with the Chinese company Huawei and the US presidential administration continues. Concern from the Middle Kingdom

looked for different ways out of the current situation,Moreover, the situation for the company is truly destructive. No matter how you swagger, money tends to run out, and if the source of replenishment of the cash reserve is cut off, then not only the company, but entire states will experience default. So, the Chinese, it seems, can count on the help of a serious American company, in particular Google.

Recently, the number one search engine in the world turned toto the presidential administration, pointing out that if Huawei is kept too far away from software and components, it could impair the security of the United States itself. Google made a request to the White House to allow companies to ship without the need to wait for permission and a license from the government.

Can exchange

Huawei was placed on the list of the Ministry of Trade of the USA, whichcan no longer receive any components, parts, assemblies, and software or parts of it from companies registered in the United States without special permission and licenses. And these licenses and gives the US government. The president said that the Chinese manufacturer was listed as part of strengthening the security of many industries, including the military. However, Trump noted that the company can be held in economic negotiations with China as a company for exchange. The United States needs more favorable terms of cooperation, and China needs Huawei to continue to work around the world.

Google fears alternatives to Android

Google fears the emergence of an alternative to Androidfrom Huawei. And she, apparently, is already at the stage of pre-release testing. And the thing, according to the search engine, is not that it is a competitor to Android, it will not even come close to what the current operating system has. The fact is that this fork will not just be vulnerable to hackers, it will just be stuffed with all sorts of official bookmarks for Chinese intelligence services. At the same time, Huawei has already started filing patent applications for its new software, and not at home, but in Europe, for example, such was filed in Germany, and the Germans have no reason to refuse. That is, Chinese manufacturers of smartphones will be shipped to European countries, the CIS countries with an operating system that was initially sharpened to exploit their vulnerabilities.

Than it threatens the USA, Goggle does not explain, therearguing that by refusing to work with a Chinese company, America risks getting two operating systems, one will be the usual original, and the second will be a hybrid. Of course, the second system will have a lot of errors and bookmarks, and this will put smartphones at great risk. In this case, the risk will come not so much from hackers, as from the special services of the Middle Kingdom. Google also said that the goal is not to protect some company that brings money to the American concern, but simply protection, safety of users.

Clone Android for spies

The fact is that millions of smartphonesThe Chinese manufacturer is worth the application and services of Google, and they will be vulnerable. But what the IT giant did not explain, how can smartphones prohibited in the US with a new operating system threaten US security? What made Google think that smartphones with a fake operating system will be sold in America or other serious markets in countries where software certification rules are very strict.

And the scandal began global due to the fact thatChina has a law that allows the government of the Celestial Empire to demand from commercial enterprises to collect information about potential geopolitical opponents and economic rivals. Many experts are concerned that in smartphones and in the components of telecommunications equipment of a Chinese company, there may be software and physical bookmarks that give China’s intelligence services access to any information. Of course, the Chinese side completely denies any accusations and suspicions against them.