Google Pay began to import tickets and loyalty cards automatically from Gmail

Back in February, it was noticed that Google is testing a new feature for Google Pay, which will automatically

Import tickets and boarding passes from Gmail. Now this opportunity has begun to appear for more users.

What is known

New option allows you to automatically displayin the Google Pay data application from Gmail. To enable the feature, go to Settings> General> Import Gmail. Works new feature in Google Pay v2.86 and higher. Not everyone has access yet, but Google should change that in the near future.

Once connected, Google Pay will check your Gmail account to get all the data you can. It also notes that deleting an email from mail will remove it from Google Pay.

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Innovation helps to find coupons and boarding passes sent to the mailbox. This will make Google Pay easier to use. The function can be turned off at any time.

Recall that previously the option was available only for residents of the United States.