Google Pixel 3a XL: an overview of performance and photo capabilities

At Google I/O, this year's annual developer conference, the main event was the announcement of the next version

Android.But this mostly touched developers and some enthusiasts, for the average consumer, the most interesting moment of this conference was the presentation of cheap versions of Pixel smartphones.Google has introduced two new products - 3a, as well as 3a XL.Many foreign publications, reviewers have already received their copies of new products, and now share their impressions and test results.

GSMArena released a preliminary review of the olderversion XL, having studied the performance of the smartphone, its autonomy and some photo capabilities of the device. By the way, most of the features and capabilities are relevant for the younger model 3a.


New low-cost (relative to the flagships of the brand)received as a processor chipset middle class 8-core Snapdragon 670. To help the central processor on board installed 4 gigabytes of RAM. Observers noted that the iron filling of the average level does not prevent the smartphone from demonstrating just the excellent speed of the interface and applications. This speed is due to the ideal optimization of hardware and software.

The first samples and experience of use, according toMost journalists and reviewers show that, despite the average parameters, the 3aXL runs significantly faster than many of the more expensive Android smartphones with top-end iron fillings and twice the amount of RAM. Applications run instantly, scrolling smoothly without friezes, multitasking is available. In general, the smartphone works as fast as its older brother 3 XL.

The most interesting thing for many users isgames on the smartphone, everyone wants to know how the novelty behaves in gaming applications. So, with games 3a XL copes easily, most games go on high settings with a comfortable FPS. In addition, the large screen, coupled with high-quality stereo acoustics makes the gameplay even more exciting.

What are the disadvantages of the smartphone in terms ofgland? There is only one drawback, and it is ambiguous - a small amount of RAM. If you open many applications at once, the smartphone may slow down. On the other hand, how many applications are simultaneously activated for the average user - three, four? So many applications are not a problem for 3a XL, but it makes no sense to open more.


As for the battery, here it is not verylarge - 3700 mAh, however, it is even more than the flagship 3 XL. At the same time, the processor is more energy efficient (due to lower frequencies), the screen has a lower resolution, and this all saves energy significantly, respectively, the device autonomy increases. The active scenario of using a smartphone leaves at least 30 percent of the charge at the end of the day. Testing this parameter has shown that with a moderate scenario, the device will easily last two days, which is very good for a smartphone with such a large screen.

Photo opportunities

Initially, Pixel smartphones were famous for theirphoto opportunities, their cameras are considered almost as a quality standard. Most users and experts consider pixels to be the best camera phones, as they always produce great photos. So, what we have in this regard in an accessible novelty. It is worth noting that there are considerable compromises with the flagship: the processor is less productive, the display is cheaper with a lower resolution, the case material is also cheaper - instead of glass with metal it is just plastic, there is no support for wireless charging, however the module and sensor of the main camera are the same as the top one 3 xl.

Powerful HDR + mode developed by the companyhighest quality images even in low light conditions. And with the quality of photos taken on a sunny day, questions simply do not arise, everything is top notch and in the first lines of the best mobile cameras in the world. The camera received a night mode, issuing detailed and rich photos taken in the dark.

That's just the optical zoom is not brought up, however,for mobile cameras, this feature is more of a toy for bragging than a really useful thing. Moreover, if you still need to bring something closer, the digital zoom handles this with powerful algorithms of artificial intelligence.

As for the front camera, hereused a simpler sensor. The dynamic range is smaller than in the flagship; in low light, it gives out noises and, in general, photos turn out to be worse in quality than the front one in 3 XL. Of course, in comparison with other smartphones (other manufacturers), selfies are very worthy, but they are lagging behind their older brother.

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