Google Pixel 4 will be able to call an assistant as soon as you pick up the phone

Calling Assistant on Google Pixel is easy: just say: “Hey Google”, rub the side edges or do

screen gesturePixel 4 will make this even easier. 9to5Google reports that the new device will allow you to give commands to your assistant simply by picking up your phone and starting to talk. You will need to do what first comes to mind when you want to ask about the weather or turn on the light.

What are the questions?

It is still unknown whether the function will be enabled bydefault, and how Google will deal with random assistant calls. The new leak also does not indicate whether such an opportunity will be from the start. Other previously unknown assistant functions will allow you to receive calls while you hang on the line and are about to start up. If all this turns out to be true, then Google will try to sell new devices not only due to excellent hardware, but also thanks to new improvements to the assistant.


Source: 9to5Google