Google Pixel 4 will get a display with a hole for the front camera, like the Galaxy S10

Manufacturers of accessories often reveal the appearance of smartphones even before their announcement. Now this situation

happened with google pixel 4.

What is known

The company Skinomi has opened pre-order protectivefilms for the new “google phone”. Naturally, there are no characteristics of a smartphone in the description, but you can understand how it will look. The device, judging by the leakage, will receive a display without a cutout. Dual front camera installed in the right corner of the display, like the Galaxy S10. In addition, the image shows that the novelty will receive stereo speakers. They will be placed above and below.

Recall, according to rumors, Google Pixel 4 will be released, as well ascurrent model, in two versions. Smartphones will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 top processor, an OLED display and 6 GB of RAM. They are also credited with supporting fast and wireless charging. As usual, devices should present in the autumn presentation of Google.