Google Pixel Buds: $ 179 Smart Wireless Headphones

Google introduced new wireless headphones called Pixel Buds at its presentation.

Stylish and comfortable

Externally, the headphones are not very different fromprevious model, except for the absence of wires. The two-tone design matches the new Pixel smartphones. The device does not look too bulky compared to the same Microsoft Surface Earbuds.

Google representatives say that Pixel BudsThey have become much more comfortable and can now be worn for a long time without any problems. The battery life will also contribute to this: the headphones are designed for 5 hours of listening to music, and with a wireless charging case they will work for up to 24 hours.

Really smart

The Bluetooth connection will cover 3 rooms inindoors and a football field away outside. There is no active noise cancellation in the gadget; there is even a small hole that allows air to pass through. Instead of canceling noise, the Pixel Buds will dampen it and automatically change the volume of your music based on surrounding sounds.

Built-in microphones allow you to access Google Assistant by simply saying, “Hey Google.” The headphones are also equipped with a real-time translation function.

Pixel Buds will be available in four colors: white, orange, mint and black. Available in Spring 2020 for $179.