Google promises not to save Assistant records without permission

Google said that they will work on user safety and will not save voice recordings by

by default. The company says: “Obviously, we did not meet our high standards, trying to explain what we do with the data. We apologize."

Is it just Google?

However, not only Google "caught" for suchaffairs: Apple and Amazon have also recently confirmed that they retain voice recordings to improve AI algorithms. Apple stopped working in this direction in August, and Amazon only gave users the option to turn off the recording feature.

What will they do?

By the end of the year, the IT giant plans to greatly reduceThe amount of audio data they have stored. Also, each user will have the opportunity to choose whether the assistant will save his data or not. “One of the principles we strive for is to minimize the amount of data that we store. We apply the same principle to Google Assistant, ”the company says.