Google promises to "fix" the face recognition system in Pixel 4. But not now

Google has recognized the security issue in the new Pixel 4 smartphones and promises to fix it with


What is the problem

Failure was given by Face Unlock facial recognition system, which the company representatives so praised. It is very similar to the Face ID in the iPhone, that is, you can not deceive it with a regular photo or video.

But if Face ID requires the user to be withopen eyes, then Face Unlock unlocks the smartphone, even if the eyes are closed. It turns out that anyone can bring the gadget to a sleeping person and get access to his photos, personal data, correspondence and even banking applications.

At the same time, the Pixel 4 also has a recognition or closed eyes, but for some reason it is not used when unlocking. For example, using this system, the Screen attention function works, which does not allow the screen to turn off if the user is looking at the display.

What to do with it

Google reacted to the negative reviews and promised to release an update that will correct this "oversight."

As a result, the owner himself will choose whether to allow the smartphone to unlock when recognizing faces with his eyes closed.

True, this update is unlikely to come out promptly - Google promises to release an update "in the coming months."

In the meantime, users are advised to disable the Face Unlock function and use the PIN code or pattern keys in the old way.