Google released Android Q Beta 2 with new features

Google has introduced a new beta version of the Android Q operating system with Bubbles and gesture gestures.


What added

First update – Bubbles.Now the user will not need to open instant messengers to respond to a message. The alert will pop up in a new window and an icon with the contact's photo will appear on the screen. There can be several of them, which will allow you to quickly switch from one conversation to another.

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Using gesture control will appearthe ability to scroll through open applications by swiping at the bottom of the smartphone. So far it doesn’t work quite correctly and doesn’t always respond to touch, but let’s hope that this will be fixed.

Another interesting feature &#8211; foldable smartphone emulator. It works with diagonals of 7.3 inches when the display is open and 4.6 inches when folded, or 8/6.6 inches.

We also updated the volume control interface andnotifications. The first will allow you to separately adjust the sound in different sources, such as calls or applications. And notifications can be customized as you wish. The direction of the swipe will determine whether the alert will be dismissed or opened.