Google released Easter eggs for the 25th anniversary of the series "Friends": how to find them

Tomorrow the famous series “Friends” will celebrate its anniversary - the 25th anniversary of the release of the first episode. In honor of

This Google created Easter eggs for each main character in the series.

How to find

To find these same Easter eggs, you just need to enter the name of the character in “Friends” in the search engine in Ukrainian, Russian or English. For example, "Monica Geller" or "Phoebe friends."

After this, a regular block with information about the character will appear on the right, but there is a picture next to each name. Click on it and remember your favorite moments of the series.

Caution spoiler!

For the most impatient, we have already checked all Google Easter eggs ourselves.










So, a bucket appears next to Monica's name. Click on it and the sponge will wipe the inscription on the screen until it shines.

Rachel has this wig; by clicking on it, you will be taken to a collection of images with all Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles.

Ross has this famous sofa that he, along with Chandler and Rachel, tried to lift up the stairs. Click on it several times and first you will hear Ross's voice, and then the sofa will break.

Phoebe - of course, next to this name there is a guitar drawn, and Phoebe herself will sing for you that same song about a tattered cat.

Joey loves to eat, so he has a slice of pizza next to his name. Click on it and Joey will remind you that he never shares food.

For Chandler, this is, of course, a chair and a duck.