Google removes 85 apps with extremely nasty ads

Google removed 85 apps from the Google Play store after Trend Micro security experts found extremely

nasty ad scheme well hiddeninside. In games and full-featured photo processing applications (which, by the way, have been downloaded over 8 million times), adware called AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH was built in.

Apps abused regular featureAndroid, which gave information about unlocking the phone by the user. A simple unlock included a commercial, usually at least five minutes long, which cannot be missed. They could also replace the desktop icon with a shortcut, so even after dragging and dropping into the trash, the application continued to do its dirty work.

Given the huge spread of adware inGoogle Play, you just need to check reviews on unfamiliar applications. In particular, such software has several “one-star” reviews, where users talk about the problems they encountered. Moreover, we even saw cases when adware was preinstalled from the factory on Android smartphones, but most often this is found on devices that have not passed Google certification.

Trend Micro claims software is idealshould only affect devices on older versions of Android. “Android 8.0 and later have a function that asks for user confirmation to create an application shortcut,” which should protect users from unwanted application activity.
Google often claims that a company acceptsmeasures to prevent adware and malware from getting into their marketplace, however, news about the appearance of one or another annoying advertisement pops up on an ongoing basis. Recently, what’s unlikely will push Google to strengthen the security of its trading platform, but after so many unpleasant cases it’s hard to imagine that people from Google’s offices won’t think about it.