Google replenishes its "cemetery" with another product - a compact Clips camera with AI

Another product has joined the “graveyard” of closed Google projects (and there are already more than 180 of them) - the “smart” camera Clips.

What it is

The Google Clips camera with artificial intelligence was released in October 2017, along with the Google Pixel 2 smartphones.

It is very compact, but its main feature isability to take photos and videos independently. That is, the camera itself assesses the situation, over time learns to recognize people and, at an unexpected moment, quietly takes a photo or video for memory. In theory, this is a good helper for lovers of “live” photographs.

However, in reality, the camera took unsuitable photos and videos, and it was not cheap - $250. That's why it wasn't particularly successful.

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What now

After the release of Pixel 4, Google Clips disappeared from the company's online store.

Google representatives said that Clip support will last until December 2021, after which there will be no updates for the device.

Let us remind you that Google also “buried” the Daydream virtual reality platform and the Daydream View headset.