Google services may return to Huawei smartphones: Google asks for permission from the White House

Google asks the US government to allow the resumption of cooperation with the Chinese Huawei.

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Sameer Camat, Android’s vice president of product management for Android, told reporters that Google has asked the White House to let Huawei resume work.

Apparently, there is no answer from the authorities yet, and when it will be is unknown.

Recall, due to sanctions Google cannotCertify and preinstall their applications on new Huawei smartphones. But for some companies, the government still allowed further cooperation: for example, Microsoft received a license and can now supply Windows for Huawei laptops.

However, now the question is whether Huawei will refuse tocase of a positive decision from Google services? The company already has its own Harmony OS operating system, the AppGallery application store, as well as a set of Huawei Mobile Services, which it actively promotes and does not spare money for it. The other day there was a global launch of the virtual assistant Huawei Assistant. And AppGallery already has 1.3 million registered developers, more than 55 thousand applications and about 400 million active users per month in 170 countries.

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