Google Stadia will receive a subscription a la PlayStation Plus, expensive games and achievements

The head of Stadia, Andrey Doronichev, ran to Reddit, where he answered gamers’ questions regarding

Google cloud service.

What is known

Doronichev immediately denied the Stadia comparisonswith Netflix. According to the executive, the Stadia Pro subscription is more like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, where gamers receive privileges in the form of discounts and free games. Users of the service will buy games for their library, and a subscription gives access to 4K and HDR, 5.1 sound, as well as one free game per month.

Prices for games will be “competitive with other platforms.” It is possible that Google will decide to leave the standard price tag at $60–50.

Stadia will also get achievements, but onlynot at the start. According to Doronichev, gamers will receive “achievements” later after the service launches. The same goes for Bluetooth headphone support for the Stadia controller. At the same time, gamers from the first days will be able to create “parties” by gathering in teams and communicating via voice chat.

Doronichev also announced that Stadia will receivefamily subscription, which will appear early next year. In addition, parents will receive a “Parental Panel” where they can control what their children are playing.