Google Tensor 2 on Pixel 7 series may disappoint with performance

It's no secret that this fall we are waiting for the announcement of the Pixel 7 family. According to Google, it is known that they will be based on the second

Tensor chipset generation, first details aboutwhich leaked in early June. Now, having studied the download logs of that same Pixel 7 Pro prototype, enthusiasts confirm the preservation of the old architecture. Alas, the transition to the new Armv9 cores did not take place: the code mentions the Cortex-A55 (Armv8) cores instead of the expected Cortex-A510, which can be found in Snapdragon 8/8+ Gen1 and Dimensity 9000. It is expected that the previous core structure will remain: 2 x Cortex-X1, 2 x Cortex-A76 and 4 x Cortex-A55. Therefore, a significant increase in chip performance, which could be achieved by switching to a new architecture, can not be expected.

Taking into account the fact that the original Tensor from the startdid not shine with performance compared to competitors, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro could be one of the weakest flagships of this year. But a recent rumor about the installation of last year's AMOLED panel from the Pixel 6 Pro in the Pixel 7 Pro was not confirmed: instead of the Samsung S6E3HC3, the new S6E3HC4 is mentioned. Once again, the feline codenames Pixel 7 (Panther), Pixel 7 Pro (Cheetah), and probably Pixel 7a (Felix) have been highlighted as a bonus.

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