Google troll Apple in Pixel 3a ads

Recently, Google presented the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones at the Google I/O 2019 conference and immediately began

advertising campaign. And this is a great reason to tease your competitor.

Who is the victim?

The “Made by Google” marketing campaign has begunin support of Night Sight mode in pixel cameras. And the new advertising banner just demonstrates its capabilities. At the top was a photo taken with the mysterious “Phone X” for $999, and at the bottom was a photo of the Pixel 3a camera for $399.

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Obviously, under this "mysterious" phoneOne of the iPhones is hidden, but it’s unlikely that the iPhone X. The fact is that a few months ago Google already had a similar advertisement, but the “hero” then was the Pixel 3. It was also compared to the “Phone X”, and at the bottom it was written in small print that the photo was taken on an iPhone XS. Its cost is also the same.

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In addition, the latest banner was placed near the new Apple store, which is located in the Carnegie Library (Washington). More than $30 million was spent on its renovation.

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