Google will fix the night mode in Android 11

In the 10th version of the Android operating system, they finally added the long-awaited dark theme, about which users

asked for several years. And in Android 11, it seems, the night mode will be improved.

What does it mean

During testing of Android 10 in the beta version of the OS, it was possible to set the night mode to be turned on and off automatically. For example, at 20:00, it’s already dark outside - it’s time to activate a dark theme.

However, in the final version of Android 10, this feature was removed. Google representatives said that it could lead to reboots of running applications, so they decided to abandon the function.

Now, the developers promise that they will add the ability to automatically adjust the background color in the next release of Android, that is, in the 11th version of the operating system.

In the meantime, users have to either adjust the background color themselves, or seek help from third-party applications (and there are some).

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