Google will force manufacturers from February 2020 to release smartphones with only Android 10 on board

Google announced in early September Android 10, but manufacturers still continue to submit their

devices with a previous version of the system. Now there is information when this will change.

What is known

According to the publication XDA-Developers, the companyGoogle will oblige all manufacturers to release devices with the latest operating system on board starting in February 2020. That is, smartphones released before January 31, 2020 may still enter the market with Android 9 Pie. After that, companies will have to pass a test, and if the new devices work on the old OS, then Google will not renew the GMS (Google Mobile Services) license.

Recall that GMS is a Google application suite,which includes the Play Store and branded services of the manufacturer. It is received by all smartphones that go beyond China. The exception is the Huawei Mate 30 series. It appeared on the global market without it due to US sanctions.