Google will integrate India vaccination information into its services

Google said it has implemented several updates to Search, Maps, YouTube and Google Pay in India. Now they

will display authoritative and reliable information about the coronavirus. So residents will be able to find out data on the number of infections, as well as quickly find vaccination centers and hospitals.

Google search, which has been offering for over a year nowupdated information on the virus, now also displays dashboards with data on the number of vaccines in India and highlights the official Indian government vaccine website at the top of the page.

Search and Maps showing 2.5ktesting centers in India now similarly show the location of over 23,000 vaccination centers across the country in English and Indian. The company said it is working with India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to obtain this information.

China's COVID-19 vaccine gets emergency WHO approval

Google updates appeared due to the fact that inIndia has more than 350-400 thousand cases of infection and more than 3.5 deaths from COVID-19 every day. The country's health infrastructure is struggling to cope with patient care - it has run out of beds and medical supplies. On May 1, India opened vaccinations for people between the ages of 18 and 45, but many people were unable to register on the government website and make an appointment to receive the vaccine. Part of the population simply did not know about vaccination.

In recent weeks, dozens of firms, startups, entrepreneurs and investors have taken to filling this gap. And Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp have become platforms for the exchange of official information.

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