Google will launch cloud gaming service Stadia

Stadia builds on technology from Project Stream, an online game streaming platform launched by Google in 2018. At the core

The project is based on the Linux operating system, the Vulcan graphics API, and the platform supports games on the Unreal Engine, Unity and Havoc engines.

The platform will allow the user to play one andthe same game from several devices - for example, from a smartphone, and then from a computer or TV. The transition between devices will take a few seconds, and the user will be able to continue the game from the same place where he left it on the previous device.

To operate Stadia, the company uses servers in200 countries - this will increase the speed of data transmission and eliminate the slow launch of games, said Pichai. Stadia will be available to residents of Europe and North America until the end of 2019.

Earlier it was reported that Google will close its VR-studio Spotlight Stories after six years of production of content.