Google will lose 11 million dollars due to the age prejudices of its HR

Google has agreed to pay $ 11 million to settle a class action.

employees who are not recruited due to their age.

Who suffered

Total compensation will receive 227 people age40 years old - more than $ 35,000 each. The remaining $ 2.75 million lawyers will earn victims. Google has promised that it will conduct training on age prejudice among its employees. They will also create a committee that will deal with issues of age diversity when hiring workers. The latter is very similar to last year’s scandal around Riot Games.

Initially, the lawsuit filed Cheryl Fillekes, sheaccused Google of "systematic discrimination" on the basis of age. The search giant denies the charges, adding that technical knowledge of Filleks and other plaintiffs do not meet the requirements of the position they are applying for. However, Google agreed to the payment.