Google will not be allowed to go bankrupt in Russia. First, the company is required to pay a multi-billion dollar fine

As it became known, the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal of Moscow suspended the bankruptcy proceedings of Google

rus". The reason for this is the petitions of Roskomnadzor. Discuss

The Russian department stated that the Russianthe representative office of the search giant has not yet paid the turnover fine. Its size is 21.7 billion rubles. Note that a number of lawyers openly declare that most likely, the American company will still be able to appeal the decision.

Recall that the administrative protocol on Googlewas drawn up in connection with the repeated refusal of the company to remove from its YouTube "inaccurate information about the course of the operation in Ukraine, discrediting the Russian Armed Forces."

Then it was decided that the corporation must pay a fine, the amount of which is equal to 10% of the company's annual revenue in Russia.