Google will now pre-install YouTube Music on all smartphones with Android 10

Google has announced that it will be pre-installing its music streaming service YouTube Music

on Android smartphones.

What does it mean

Google launched YouTube Music in May last year. The service was supposed to replace Google Play Music, but both still have to be neighbors.

Until this time, YouTube Music was not among the pre-installed services; it had to be downloaded separately. Although his advertising campaign is enviable.

Now Google will pre-install YouTube Music on all smartphones running Android 10, as well as new models running Android 9. But Google Play Music will have to be downloaded separately from the Play Store.

Let us remind you that YouTube Music was launched in Ukrainein November last year. There is a free version with advertising, and there is a paid version without advertising and with the ability to download tracks and listen to music offline. Subscription cost is 79 hryvnia per month.