Google will pay € 1.49 billion fine and allow Android users to choose their own browser and search engine

In the European Union, Google was once again fined, this time for violating fair competition conditions

in the online advertising market. Coincidence or not, on the same day the company introduced new rules for users of Android devices. But first things first.

How much and for what was fined

European Commission (EU antitrust authority)completed a lawsuit on violation of antitrust laws and fined Google € 1.49 billion ($ 1.69 billion). This is 1.29% of Google’s revenue last year.

And all because of unfair competition and service.Limited adsense competitors. "Google has" cemented "its dominant position in the online advertising market and has protected itself from competition by entering into anti-competitive contracts with third sites," the European Commission said.

It also noted that this lasted for 10 years. All this time, the company did not allow the Internet advertising market to develop in the EU and in the world.

By the way, this is the third fine of the European Commission. For several years, Google has been fined $ 2.7 billion for abuse on the search engine market and $ 5 billion for restrictions on pre-installing applications on Android smartphones.

What have changed

Google's Senior Vice President of LegalQuestions Kent Walker made a statement and said that in the near future the company will give users the choice of Android devices in Europe. They can choose alternative applications and services of competitors, including search engine and browser.

"On Android smartphones, you are at any timeyou can change the search engine or browser regardless of what was previously set by the manufacturer before launching the model on the market, ”said Walker. That is, the choice will be for all users, not just the owners of new devices.

It is not known when exactly these rules will come into force, but it will definitely be in the coming months.