Google will stop tracking users using cookies

A representative of Google announced the creation of FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) technology: it will allow to abandon

targeting advertising based on cookies. It is argued that FLoC will increase the privacy of surfing and will not resort to the collection of personal user data.

Growing fear of location trackingusing cookies prompted the company to support Internet rights law and develop a way to effectively target ads, without collecting all available information about the user.

The essence of the technology is that the selection of advertisingFLoC ads do not require access to the data of a specific user, but brings people with similar interests into groups. Thus, a group of users sees the advertisement.

In addition, using FLoC will help fight fraudulent advertising traffic.

Google announced the technology in 2019.Testing will take place in 2021. The date of introduction of the technology is still unknown, because the company has not yet resolved legal issues. Testing will take place based on Chrome.

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