Google's flexible smartphone: just in case

Although the smartphone market is not declining globally, manufacturers feel that all growth points are already

almost worked out, and is about to beginstagnation and decline. Companies urgently need new ideas in order to breathe new life into the industry, and they need ideas that actually work. The latest breakthrough in this direction has been folding smartphones with flexible screens. The breakthrough, to put it mildly, has been blurred, since manufacturers are not technically ready for such a form factor. For many years, standard monolithic panels methodically killed all technological innovations, and now the time has come to change course, and the steering has become rusty, and now it will be quite difficult to fit into a turn.

Clamshell Googl

In early spring there was information thatGoogle began to focus on folding smartphones, in any case, old and new patents with this technology began to rise. Recently, the company confirmed officially that at this stage it is considering options from these patents to select an acceptable one. The company seriously decided to create their own clamshell with a flexible screen.

Of course, nothing will appear tomorrow, andFans of products of the search giant should not wait for new items in the next couple of years. The Google users themselves speak of this as a pilot project. They said they are busy creating a prototype for this technology. The head of the development of new mobile devices said that, in fact, they have been dealing with this issue for a long time. However, nothing concrete will appear in stores in the coming years. Google does not yet have a clear option for using a folding flexible smartphone in principle.

Do you need a folding smartphone

The company believes that a simple increase in screenfor a new device is not enough. There simply won't be a new category of devices with such an approach. It should be something more innovative, more technological than what some manufacturers are now feeding to promote. In this case, the device itself and the options, scenarios for its use should specifically motivate the consumer to purchase it. People should know for sure that the operation of a new device will bring a lot of new experience into its life. And today this is absolutely not. The user is overwhelmingly thinking right now - as long as a folding smartphone (right now) is not needed. In general, as long as everything that is offered or prepared is simply pleasant to own from the category, no more.

Some experts tend to believe thatGoogle’s attitude to folding smartphones and flexible screens is less dependent on the considerations shared by the head of the smartphone department, and to a greater extent on the company's technical problems with these technologies. If these problems did not exist, then we would have long known the date of the official sales of folding smartphones from Google. In fact, Keyros simply repeated the words expressed by the co-founder of OnePlus when problems with the Galaxy Fold began, and Mate X smartphones quickly turned off the assembly line for refinement and further testing.

What are the advantages of a clamshell

And really, is it really necessary to fold now?smartphone to the modern consumer? Has a user got such a smartphone with a large screen, what does he gain from it? It's no secret that the market for devices with similar screens (large diagonal) has practically dried up several times, and continues to decline. That is, manufacturers offer the consumer a symbiosis of a smartphone with half-dead tablet technology. But nothing more new smartphones will not give the user, except that allows a regular tablet. Does the user need it, what new experience will he get from interacting with the smartphone, what are the scenarios for using such a form factor so as not to do without it? The fact of the matter, such does not exist.

Yes, Google is trying to find answers, and nowThere are a lot of prototypes, they use various technologies and innovative solutions. And as soon as the answers to the questions asked will be found in at least one prototype, it will immediately go into mass production. In the meantime, the company is preparing cheap Pixel, which will be affordable for a wide range of consumers.