Google's new Chromebook features make it easier to connect to Android phones

Last year Google worked on new features for Android Yes Chromebookwho better bridge the gap

between phones and laptops Today chromeOS version 103 contains some features that improve connectivity Chromebook to phones Android.

Function phone hub chromeOS, announced last year, is receiving recent additional photos. Thanks to the update chromeOS 103 you can quickly access the latest photos taken with your phone in phone hub. It's an easy way to avoid emailing yourself a photo or digging through Google Photosfind the latest photos. This works even when you are offline.

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Google also improves function Nearby Shareto connect Chromebook to any Wi-Fi network on your phone Android. This will make the job easier if a friend or family member has Chromebook and it needs to connect to your Wi-Fi and this corresponds to a clear integration Apple between devices iOS Yes Macto easily share Wi-FI passwords.

In fact, new additions to chromeOS from Google this week is part of a broader effort to align ecosystem integration Apple and work Microsoft Phone Link. Google calls its initiative "Better Together", and throughout 2022 it will roll out software features that improve device performance Android, Chromebook and bluetooth.

Google working on a system so that any messaging app on your phone can be mirrored to Chromebook, giving you direct access to third-party messaging programs such as Whatsapp and Telegram on Chromebook.

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framework Google "Fast Pair" will also make it easier to pair Bluetooth headphones this summer. Computers Chromebook will automatically detect when a new pair of Bluetooth headphones is nearby, and a pop-up notification will make it easy to connect. This is similar to the easy steam generation available at Windows or Airplans on Mac.

Google says that more “better together” features will become available later this year and that “will share more exciting announcements about Chromebook this summer".