GoPro unveils new HERO8 Black and MAX cameras and announces $ 1 million contest

GoPro has released several new products: HERO8 Black, MAX cameras and various modules.

HERO8 Black


the camera received a new level of stabilization -HyperSmooth 2.0, which supports many modes and allows you to align the horizon in the application. There is a new feature TimeWarp 2.0. With its help, you can automatically adjust the recording speed or slow down the finished video.

The device is equipped with four "digitallenses ”(in fact, these are the viewing angle settings) and a front microphone with wind noise reduction. To control the camera was more convenient, it has settings for quick access to different shooting modes.


GoPro MAX - waterproof universalcamera with 2 lenses, withstand a depth of up to 5 meters. The gadget can be used to record activities that require good stabilization, such as cycling, as well as for spherical shooting or video blogging.

HyperSmooth aligns the horizon, while SuperView provides a wide viewing angle. The new “Re-arrangement” algorithm will turn a spherical video into a traditional one with smooth transitions.


In addition to cameras, the company introduced new modularAccessories: media module, screen module and light module. Thanks to them, HERO8 Black will record sound well, get a front display and high-quality lighting.


Like last year, GoPro launched a contest,to participate in which one of the new products will be required. All you need to do is record the raw video for the promotional video, send it to the contest website and wait for the results. On January 12, 2020, the company will select the most interesting clips for the final promo video, and their authors will share $ 1,000,000 among themselves.

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HERO8 Black 13 999 UAH.

HERO8 Black takes stabilization to a new level - HyperSmooth 2.0, which

far superior to HyperSmooth 1.0. New Generation Stabilization

HyperSmooth 2.0 supports all camera modes, has a “Boost” mode

and makes horizon alignment possible in the application. In addition, a new feature

TimeWarp 2.0 allows you to automatically adjust the speed of the video with one touch.

HERO8 Black features four digital lenses for easy selection

viewing angle, and also provides excellent sound quality with wind suppression,

offers customizable presets and features a lightweight frameless

design with folding clamping rings. Do not miss!

Streamlined design and frameless mount with integrated hinged mounting

fingers mean that the camera has become more pocket-sized and 14% lighter. Frameless design

also makes replacing batteries and SD cards even faster; In addition, the lens is now 2 times

more impact resistant. Toughened lenses and

protective films.


The media module, screen module, and light module are modular accessories using

which HERO8 Black gets the ability to record professional sound

quality, front display and high-quality lighting. Modules open

additional features and turn HERO8 Black into real

multifunctional tool.

MAX for 15 999 UAH.

GoPro MAX is a GoPro camera with two lenses and universal

opportunities - it's like three cameras in one. MAX camera can be used as

HERO waterproof camera with one lens and maximum stabilization,

like a camera with two lenses for spherical shooting or a camera for video blogs

a new level with an integrated front display and recording capabilities

high-quality sound with 6 built-in microphones. No matter how you will

use the MAX camera, it will provide unrivaled video stabilization

thanks to MAX HyperSmooth. In addition, MAX is equipped with four digital

lenses, including the super wide MAX SuperView with the widest viewing angle

in the history of GoPro. Additional features include: spherical gluing

photo and video and editing spherical materials on reference frames in the GoPro application

App. GoPro MAX doesn't compare with any other camera in the world - it's perfect

suitable for those who are constantly in search and seeks to maximize their

creative potential.

GoPro Million Dollar Competition

GoPro Million Dollar Competition Returns and Now HERO8 Contributes

Black and MAX. Million-dollar contest held only for camera owners

HERO8 Black and MAX. Winners whose video clips will be included in the final video of the Competition

a million dollars from GoPro, which will be published at the end of January 2020,

will receive equal shares of the total prize pool of $ 1,000,000. Applications will begin

October 1 and end on January 12.

“The first GoPro camera was created 15 years ago. From the very beginning we wanted to give people

the opportunity to share your hobbies, creativity and adventure, says

GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman. - HERO8 Black,

modules and MAX completely change the way camera capabilities are concerned. ”

At the heart of the HERO8 Black is the previous model, but now the HERO line has been added

and unrivaled performance. HyperSmooth 2.0 Video Stabilization Technology

provides significantly improved stabilization with vertical displacement, and

also now supports all frame rates and resolutions. Unique feature

TimeWarp 2.0 automatically adjusts the recording speed and allows you to slow down the video to

real time with one touch. Enhanced SuperFoto Feature

allows you to take dynamic, clear pictures in HDR, and in the new LiveBurst mode

Shooting is performed for 1.5 seconds before and after the shutter is released in 12 MP resolution

(4K 4: 3). And for those who care about sound quality, the HERO8 Black has a front

optimized microphone for work in the wind, so that the sound on the video is always on

top level.

In addition, thanks to four new digital lenses - including

GoPro's patented SuperView lens and non-linear lens

distortion - each frame will be professional. For more convenience

you can create shooting presets for quick access to shooting settings

any kind of activity. All this is realized in an optimized frameless case.

designs with folding clamping rings.

HERO8 Black can also be used as a camera for video blogs and turn

into a multifunctional tool thanks to a system of new modular accessories

GoPro Modules allow you to expand the capabilities of HERO8 Black without need

damage to the compactness and durability of the HERO camera.

Media module. Users will receive a built-in first-class microphone and two

"Cold shoe" for connecting additional accessories, as well as connectors

Type-C, HDMI and 3.5 mm jack for connecting an external microphone.

Screen module. Users will receive a folding front or rear 1.9-inch

a display that attaches to the top of the media module. This size is perfect

suitable for composing a frame when shooting video blogs, and when not in use,

the module is easy to fold so that it does not interfere.

Light module. Waterproof to a depth of 10 meters, allows you to perform

handheld or using various mounts. This module is the most

universal light source from existing. By attaching the light module to

media module or GoPro mount, you can light up any scene. Included

diffuser to soften light when shooting movies on HERO8 Black.

And we also have GoPro MAX - a universal camera that can be called three

cameras in one. The MAX camera is waterproof to a depth of 5 meters and can be

use as a HERO camera with one lens and maximum stabilization, as

a system with two lenses for spherical shooting or a universal device for

video blogging - three cameras in one. In addition, in the MAX camera, every function

as much as possible improved. MAX HyperSmooth is unrivaled

stabilization of a new level with the function of leveling the horizon in the camera, which

completely solves the problem using the suspension. Using the MAX function

TimeWarp you can manage time and space like never before and

Get significantly more advanced features than a regular feature

TimeWarp MAX SuperView mode provides the widest viewing angle with

an incredible immersive effect in the history of GoPro.

When editing spherical videos, MAX users can now use the function

“Re-arrangement” - a new algorithm based on reference frames in the GoPro application

App. Now you have the ability to easily and quickly convert spherical videos to

traditional video with incredibly smooth transitions. Reposition function

matches the capabilities of some spherical video editing solutions for

PC, but at the same time combines the convenience and ease of use of the GoPro application


And for shooting video blogs, the MAX camera is a universal option thanks to

unrivaled video stabilization, four digital lenses to create

perfect shots, front touch screen for easy framing and six

microphones for recording directional quality sound. If you add here

the ability to shoot panoramas with an angle of 270 ° in PowerPano mode, built-in

gluing spherical photos and videos and the convenience of the “Re-arrangement” function - MAX-

truly turns out to be a camera with no analogues in the world.

Market Availability

 Pre-order HERO8 at today, with

On October 20, HERO8 will be available at select partner retailers.

to the whole world. Start of sales in Ukraine from October 28.

 Pre-order your MAX at today,

sending orders will begin on October 24. MAX will be available in some

retail stores around the world starting October 24th.

 Modules will be available for pre-order on in December.

Updated GoPro App

We hasten to inform you that all the benefits of the award-winning Quik application

Now integrated right into the GoPro App. But that's not all. GoPro app

The App also supports editing both GoPro materials and those shot on the phone,

allows you to apply filters to individual and multiple clips simultaneously and

Supports live streaming in 1080p resolution on both HERO8 Black and MAX.

The automatic video editing function in the app also includes four

new themes based on cult materials created by creative employees

GoPro teams. Choose from four themes - Adrenaline Seeker, Adventure Travel,

Cinematic or Memory Curator - and share the result in social networks or save

draft in appendix to continue work on material later.

Million Dollar Competition Returns

For the second year in a row, GoPro gives users the chance to try their luck in the Competition for

million dollars and take part in creating a promotional video. The rules are simple: take

HERO8 Black or MAX, shoot the raw video and send it by The most original clips will go to the final

promo video, and their creators will receive their share of $ 1,000,000.

HERO8 Black - Key Features

• Optimized design - the camera is 14% lighter, different

more compact, and also has a frameless mount due to

integrated folding clamping rings. In addition, frameless design

speeds up the replacement of batteries and SD cards, and the lens is now 2 times more


• Modules for HERO8 Black - quick and easy connection of such accessories,

like backlights, microphones, LCD screens and many others, allows video bloggers,

professional filmmakers and novice content creators do

more than they imagined.

• HyperSmooth 2.0 - Improved overall stabilization and

Significantly improved stabilization with vertical displacement. AT

HyperSmooth 2.0 also added a new “Enhance” mode, which when

Necessity improves stabilization. Moreover, HyperSmooth 2.0

supports all resolutions and frame rates and makes it possible

horizon alignment in the application.

• TimeWarp 2.0 - automatically adjusts the speed depending on the movement,

stage and lighting. You can slow down the video to real time or return

accelerate with one touch.

• Digital lenses - switch between the following modes: narrow,

linear, wide and superview.

• Shooting presets - configure up to 10 shooting presets either

use the built-in basic presets for standard, sports,

cinematic and slow motion video. They are convenient to use for

quick access to settings.

• Screen shortcuts - customize the screen using shortcuts for the most common

functions used.

• LiveBurst - record 1.5 seconds before and after the frame to get

the ability to choose the best 12MP shot or create a stunning video

4K 4: 3 for publication.

• Super photo with enhanced HDR - take stunning photos with

12 megapixel resolution thanks to advanced HDR technology - on the move or in

still state - with reduced blur and high detail even

in low light conditions.

• Professional-quality 4K60 + 1080p240 video - stunning resolution

video and the choice of studio-quality bitrate up to 100 Mbps, as well as

8x super slow motion slow motion video

1080p240 frames.

• RAW in all shooting modes - RAW format provides maximum

flexibility and is now available for shooting in time-lapse and burst modes


• Night time-lapse - shoot excellent time-lapse video at night in

4K, 2.7K 4: 3, 1440p or 1080p format with processing directly in the camera.

• Live broadcast in 1080p format - conduct live broadcasts in the format

1080p on social networks, use HyperSmooth stabilization during

broadcasts through the GoPro App and save materials to an SD card,

to watch them later.

• Voice control - control the camera without the help of hands using

14 voice commands in 15 languages ​​and dialects, for example “GoPro, take a photo”.

• Improved wind noise reduction - enjoy clearer and cleaner

sound thanks to the new location of the front microphone and

advanced algorithms that actively suppress wind noise.

• Durability and waterproof - waterproof without using

Boxing at a depth of 10 m.

• GPS support - track speed, distance and altitude, and then

Add tags to your video using the GoPro App.

• Transfer files to your phone - your photos and videos automatically

migrate when connected to the GoPro App, and you can

share moments right on the go.

MAX - Key Features

• Built-in folding clamping rings

• HERO + spherical shooting modes - switch between shooting

HERO-style traditional photos and videos and spherical effect materials


• MAX HyperSmooth - MAX delivers unrivaled stabilization,

using 180 ° shooting as the main buffer.

• Leveling the horizon in the camera - in HERO mode is revolutionary

horizon alignment provides incredibly smooth cinematic


• MAX TimeWarp - this function works both in spherical mode and in

HERO mode. TimeWarp in HERO mode automatically adjusts the speed to

depending on movement, scene and lighting + allows one touch

Switch between real-time deceleration and acceleration.

• Digital Lenses - Four digital lenses make viewing angles easier

and offer the MAX SuperView option with maximum immersion effect.

• MAX SuperView - the widest viewing angle with the effect of full immersion,

which can be realized using digital lenses.

• PowerPano - panorama without panning. Create impressive

270 ° panoramic photos without distortion - you don’t even have to take a camera

along the horizon. Ideal for shooting dynamic scenes and spectacular


• Superior image quality - spherical video 5.6K30, video 1440p60

and 1080p60 in HERO mode, 5.5 MP photo in HERO mode and panoramic photos

6.2 MP in PowerPano mode.

• High-quality surround sound + stereo sound - six microphones provide

realistic surround sound or the best stereo sound in GoPro history.

• Directional sound - directional sound in HERO mode allows you to assign

priority to the sound from any side of the camera, regardless of the used

a lens that is ideal for video blogs.

• Gluing in the chamber - unloading and editing of spherical materials in

GoPro App

• Rearrangement + GoPro App - use the algorithm using reference

frames in the application for conveniently converting spherical materials into

traditional videos and photos that can be viewed, edited and


• Live 1080p - shoot in HERO mode with stabilization

HyperSmooth and share moments while living them.

• Durability + waterproof - waterproof without using

boxing to a depth of 5 m.

• Voice control - 13 teams in 15 languages ​​and dialects.

• GPS support - GPS determines your location, elevation

sea ​​and speed. Add GPS tags to your video in the GoPro app


• Scene recognition - in HERO mode, the MAX camera knows where you are: in

snow, on the beach, under water or somewhere else.

• Auto upload to the cloud when using GoPro PLUS - upload video and

Photos from the MAX camera to the cloud - automatically.